Sports Tournament 2014

Champions of traditional annual sports tournament in OTK 2014 have been announced.

* Volleyball                    Male                                   Female
1st place                              Interior Exterior renovation                      Administration
2nd place                             Collector Interior Exterior renovation
3rd place                             NUBIA Project
* Basketball
1st place                             NUBIA Project                                          Administration
2nd place                            Administration Interior Exterior renovation
3rd place                             Collector
* Table tennis
1st place                               N. Buyanjargal /plaster worker/                  B. Bolormaa /Office manager/
2nd place                              J. Batkhuyag /Elect. engineer/                     D. Bolor /Human Resource Manager/
3rd place                              J. Baasansuren /Rebar worker/     Ts. Gerelmaa /Concrete batching plant foreman/
* Pool billiard
1st place                          A. Baasanbat /CBP operator/            B. Bolormaa /Office manager/
2nd place                          kh. Bayar /Rebar worker/                  T. Enkhtuya /Civil Engineer/
3rd place                          G. Tsoggerel /Carpenter/
Ongoing Projects