Vacancy Notices

We are currently hiring for the following positions:
Higher education:
Civil Engineer
Survey Engineer
Sewerage Enigineer
Health and Safety Personnel                       /2-3 year of experience/
Specialized secondary education:
Concrete-rebar worker
We are also hiring construction assistant workers.
Hiring between: 2015.02.06-03.30
How to apply?
If you are interested in working for us, please send us your CV. It is important to answer the application questions accurately and fully. It will increase your chance of standing out from other candidates and potentially getting hired.
Please be reminded that:
* Receiving your CV does not mean the company is obligated to hire you.
* Appendices to the application won’t be returned.
* Application questions should be answered accurately and without any abbreviations.
E-mail: , Tel: 8915-9538