Fields of Activity

Industrial and Civil Constructions and Maintenance

Building and property maintenance, interior and exterior renovation, plasterwork, paysage landscaping
Cast-in-situ and precast reinforced concrete, wooden and masonry construction, restoration works and extension constructions
Cast-in-situ and precast concrete skeleton structures, complete cast-in-place construction works.
Steel structure construction
Cast-in-situ and precast concrete structures and steel structures for underground tunnel and other special and intended uses
Interior heating, ventilation, water supply and sewerage networks of a construction, installation of its outer branch system, and related equipment and facility
Interior lighting, power supply, communication and signaling, internet network connection, firefighting and fire alarm system of a construction, installation of its outer branch system and related equipment and facility
Installation of mainline sewer and its equipment and facility

Production of Construction Materials

Casting and installing reinforced concrete structures
Concrete batching plant / Concrete mix production
Stone quarry and crusher plant / Aggregate production
Carpentry workshop