Concrete Batching Plant

The Company’s Chinese Zoomlion brand concrete batching plant with 90 m3/hr capacity started its concrete mix production in 2013.
We supply M100-M500 types of concrete mixes with or without admixtures to our own construction projects as well as to other companies and individuals in compliance with the MNS 1185:1998 “Concrete mix. Technical Requirements”.
Admixture: SIKA brand admixtures are supplied to our company by the SIKA Mongolia, Mongolian branch of Swiss construction material manufacturer SIKA.
Furthermore, the materials used for the mix, cement, aggregate, sand and water comply with the following standards.
Cement: ОРС 42,5 – MNS 974:2008 “Portland Cement – Technical Requirements”
Aggregate: with gradations of 05-10 mm, 10-20 mm –MNS 2803:2004 “Heavy-weight concrete. Aggregates. Technical Requirements”
Sand: complies with MNS 392:98 “Sand for Construction Purposes. Technical Requirements”
Water: complies with MNS 3821:1985 “Water for Concrete and Construction Mixes. Technical Requirements”.
Materials used for the concrete mix, cement, aggregates and sand is annually tested by Design and Research Institute and Testing Laboratory of Construction Materials of Construction and Urban Development of Mongolia and the mix designs for M100-M500 concrete is approved by these organizations and strictly complied by our batching plant.
Concrete batching plant laboratory performs the routine tests like daily concrete mix and concrete slump tests and regular compressive strength tests as well as the tests for aggregates and sand. Experienced and skilled QA/QC engineers and laboratory technicians work in the laboratory.
Concrete batching plant operators and workers are certified by the relevant authorities and are highly experienced and skilled in their respective areas.